Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Brave Girl Raven XR ( 18+ ) | Android

Brave Girl Raven XR ( 18+ ) For Android | PC

About Brave Girl Raven : Several decades ago--- The Nation of Lira began invading the other nations of the world. This was the start of a war known as "The Demonia Subjugation".  Three great nations joined forces to disrupt Lira's invasion, returning peace to the lands. But survivors of the fallen nation were not treated kindly...  You are a commander of a mercenary company. Set out to travel the world, selling your sword in conflicts spanning the four kingdoms: Sandica, Blanc, Valmir and Jade. Make a name for yourself, and uncover the hidden secrets buried by the last Great War.

For Android Download

Direct Download Link From Website ( 28.1MB )

For PC Download

To Play With Your PC or Laptop you can use browser version of this game ( requirement : firefox 64bit and windows 7 / Mac OSX 10.1 ( Or later ) ( Use Link From Android Download To Access The Website )

My ScreenShot ( From My Smartphone )

I Decided not to upload scenario ( contain adult content ( which you can get after reach more than 20 PF ( Personal Feeling ( by giving gift )to unlock scene 1 or scene 2.

Update : unfortunately this game will be close soon ( 31 July 2018 ) Due To Unknown Reason Give By Nutaku Team..Dont Know



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